Suspension or Cancellation Request

Need to take a break? You can suspend your membership for up to three months at no cost.

  • No membership payments while you’re out.
  • We’ll pause your billing cycle, and you’ll pick up right where you left off. Use the rest of your month when you get back.
  • We ask 3 days’ notice for a suspension. This way if your payment is scheduled over the weekend, our staff will have enough time to pause your membership without you getting charged the full amount.

Need to drop out of the program and end your membership? We understand that eras end, people move, and life gets in the way. All our membership are month-to-month, which means no long-term contract buy-outs.

If you’re no longer in your initial trial month, we just ask 30 days’ notice for the cancellation of a membership. This means that once you submit your request, you’ll have one final payment to make before your account is canceled.

Please fill out your information below, and we’ll process your request!




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