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October 15, 2013

Crest View Flood Relief Benefit: In-House BJJ Tournament. Nov. 2nd 2013 at ETC – Denver

Mike Tousignant

Crest View Flood Relief Benefit: In-House BJJ Tournament. Nov. 2nd 2013 at ETC – Denver

Flood Relief Benefit: In-House BJJ Tournament. Nov. 2nd 2013 at ETC – Denver

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We at Easton believe that martial arts are about a lot more than just grappling or kicking and punching; giving back to the community is just as important to us.  The In House tournament will be a fundraiser for Crest View Elementary school in Boulder. Many of our students attend Crest View, one of the hardest hit schools from the floods. Many of the people most effected were teachers who lost much of their personal belongings. The money raised will go to support them and the areas where the federal and state funding fell short. While choosing a deserving entity for a fundraiser is a difficult choice we chose this as our fundraiser because it directly effects people in our immediate community. Our hope is to make our tournament an annual event where we hold an online campaign to choose a worthy charity that is chosen by our members. We will be in need of volonteers to run and help organize the tournament. Mike Tousignant will be in charge and you can email him with questions. Please address questions to his email with “Crest View Tournament” in the subject.

Rules Video for Easton InHouse Tournament

In-house Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament at ETC Denver:  Gi, No Gi and Kids tournament. Adults must be 2 stripe white belts and up.
If you’ve ever been interested in competing or were curious about how tournaments work, this would be the time to get in there and get on the mat. Even if you don’t want to compete, please come out and support your Easton teammates. There will be food and drinks all day for parents, competitors and spectators.

TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION FORMS: You can either print these out and drop them off at your home academy. Forms also available at the front desk.

Kids Registration From – Kids.Tournament.Fall2013

  • Kid’s divisions begin at 9am

Adult Registration Form – Fall.Adult.Reg.Forms.2013

  • Adult Gi and No Gi divisions begin at 12pm. White belts will fight first, then blue, purple,  and brown/black.

CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE Remember, you still have to fill out and turn in the above forms to finalize the registration process.


  • Registration deadline is October 26th. There will be no exceptions for late registration.

  • Registration is $35 per competitor.

  • Make sure you have paid the $35 fee and turned in your Registration form by October 26th.

  • There will be no weigh-ins. Please write down your weight on the from. This tournament is about having fun and getting together with the Easton Family. Please be honest.

  • Tournament is located at Easton Training Center in Denver, CO.

    • 1304 S. Santa Fe, 80223 303 623-1715



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