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November 18, 2019

Fight 2 Win Pro 130

Caroline O'Connell

Fight 2 Win Pro 130

Fight 2 Win, “The Biggest Party in Grappling,” put on an amazing show in Denver on November 2nd! Easton was fortunate to have 10 competitors on the card. Competitors include: Professor Rossie Snow, Professor Jeff Ake, Professor Foster Bailey, Coach Bruce Bugbee, Derek Alumbaugh, Bojan Velickovic, Coach Nick Gamez-Ramos, Coach Carlos E. Espinosa, Coach Ana Mayordomo García, and Coach Caleb Crump.

Music streams through the speakers in between matches while fans mingle with one another. The Jiu Jitsu community comes together to support their fighters, and also the sport as a whole. Sometimes we forget that although we might compete against each other, we all share one common goal: to better ourselves using Jiu Jitsu. So are we so different then?

There is something for every type of fan at the Fight 2 Win Pro 130. Want to see some lapel guard? Watch Jeff Ake. Want to see some leg locks? Watch Coach Bruce Bugbee. Want to see a flying triangle? Try Coach Nick Gamez-Ramos. Every competitor has their own style which is what makes watching this sport so fascinating.

Each competitor showcased wonderful Jiu Jitsu, bravery, and most importantly, had fun. The Fight 2 Win stage allows competitors to be themselves. By allowing them to choose a walkout song, the audience is able to get to know the competitors. Their rule set allows competitors to get creative and aggressive in their grappling. Additionally, they are allowed to wear whatever color gis and rash guards they want. The grappling community is very fortunate to have the Fight 2 Win crew!


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