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February 14, 2019

Fight 2 Win Pro 101

Caroline O'Connell

Fight 2 Win Pro 101

All members of the Easton Training Center team had incredible matches at the Fight 2 Win Pro 101. With eleven competitors on the card, our team outnumbered all other gyms. Not only are we large in size, but we are strong and highly technical. The results speak for themselves.

Carlos E. Espinosa

First up was Carlos E. Espinosa, a purple belt out of Easton Denver. After about two and a half minutes, his opponent found himself in a mounted Ezekiel choke after escaping Espinosa’s back take. However, this was not a part of Espinosa’s plan. He stated, “I ended up tapping him with a move I rarely hit with any serious intent. It just happened to land pretty tight and he didn’t react to it until it was too late.” After the match the announcer stated, “Carlos was just a step ahead the whole time.” This is what we aspire to achieve in Jiu Jitsu, being faster, smarter, and more dexterous than our opponent.


Kristina Ogden

Kristina Ogden, training out of McMahon Training Center, had her pro debut and did not disappoint. When the flags went up, all were in favor of Ogden. We are very proud to have such a great female Jiu Jitsu role model at Easton!

Nick Gamez- Ramos

Nineteen-year-old American National Champion, Easton Denver’s Nick Gamez-Ramos had an exceptional match. After taking off his Crocs and his #DoItForNermal shirt, he was ready. Gamez-Ramos walked up and down the mats as his titles were called, directly staring at his opponent. Once they were on the ground, Gamez-Ramos used knee on belly to initiate his submission. He transitioned to a flying triangle then quickly turned it into an arm bar. Nick Gamez-Ramos constantly exceeds our expectations and we are excited to see where his Jiu Jitsu career takes him next!

Alex Yablong

Since one of the competitors of the welterweight division title match dropped out last minute, the winner of Alex Yablong vs. Jalen Reyes determined who would fight for that title. Fortunately, that winner was Boulder’s Alex Yablong. When asked how it felt to go up a weight class, in a match against highly competitive opponent and friend Eric Coe, Yablong stated, “I always wanted the title so when I heard that was a possibility I was pretty excited. I just had to make sure I won my first match which was pretty tough itself. And my opponent was actually someone who I train with a few times a month so I had a pretty good idea of what I was up against. Eric and I go back and forth so I knew I had to be on my game.” Due to his omoplatas, attempt at a knee bar and almost taking the back, Yablong won in split decision. He is now the proud owner of a Fight 2 Win belt, and the welterweight champion!

Professor Vellore Caballero

The winner of submission of the night was none other than Centennial’s Professor Vellore Caballero. At the beginning of the match, Caballero’s opponent Sergio Castillo was avoiding contact with him. The announcer stated, “I guess my feeling is if you’re afraid of your opponent, then why’d you take the match?” Finally after four minutes, Caballero gets Castillo on the ground. He reveals his game plan which was to “pull him into some sort of leg entanglement. From there I was hopeful a quick finish would follow and it did.” Indeed, Professor Caballero had a quick and very exciting finish: the electric chair. This move expands the opponent’s legs forcing them to do the splits. When asked if he planned to use the electric chair he stated, “Not exactly. It’s just kind of a go to move for me over the years. I usually use it to sweep but it felt like I had enough leverage to get him to tap. So I went for it.” It’s an honor to be rewarded submission of the night, and we are so ecstatic to have Professor Caballero as a part of our academy. To watch his submission click here!

The Easton Team

Additionally, former Olympian Ryan Resser fought in Fight 2 Win’s first Judo match and won. Adding Judo on the card is very exciting for spectators and Judo competitors in the nation. Also, Philip Miller won against a very accomplished competitor Deilson Pimenta via split decision. Lastly, here is a list of all the Easton competitors: Carols E. Espinosa, Clay Wimer, Kristina Ogden, Alex Yablong, Philip Miller, Seth Daniels, Nick Gamez-Ramos, Levi Rowe, Ryan Resser, Vellore Caballero, Ed Johnson, and Justin Curtis. When you see these competitors please congratulate them on their courage and dedication to Jiu Jitsu.



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