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December 2, 2014

Denver Kids Karate

Mike Tousignant

Denver Kids Karate

When picking the right Karate classes for kids in Denver, it’s important to understand some things about the gyms that offer these programs. Not all karate for kids programs are the same. Most if not all martial arts anywhere, not just Denver, are unregulated. This can be good or bad for you as the parent and its up to you to figure out which place is best for you to have your child train at.

Since not all gyms and programs are the same for kid’s karate classes, a gym’s program could vary in regards to their coaches, training, and facilities. A gym needs to have adequate space to safely practice martial arts and also be well maintained. There also needs to be simple and effective training styles that the instructors use to teach the students. Eventually when a student becomes proficient in a martial art, they are given the option to put those skills to the test in a competition. For that reason, a gym needs to have great coaching skills at these times.

The first thing that needs to be done when picking karate for kids classes is to visit the gym’s website. Get information on the instructors, the gym itself, and the scheduling. Once that is taken care of the next step is to go ahead and give the gym a call to ask for any extra information you might want. Sometimes gyms require that you set up an appointment ahead of time before coming in because of busy schedules. If that is the case then it’s best to just go ahead and set that up. Once that is set up it is time for you to visit the gym. When visiting the gym pay attention to how you are treated as you come in, do you feel welcomed and are they friendly? Is the gym cleaned and well maintained? Is there enough space in the gym to accommodate the amount of students they have during training time? If everything is good so far then this might be the gym for you.


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