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Focus of the Week (1/9/17)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | CrossFit | Kids 1.9.2017 – 1.15.2017 BJJ Fundamentals – Osoto Gari and Escaping Mount Osoto Gari – This week we will focus on the classical right-handed osotogari, where tori steps next to uki with his left leg and…

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Focus of the Week 11.18.13 – 11.24.13

Easton’s Focus of the week; Adult Martial Arts, News and upcoming events. 11.18.13 – 11.24.13 Adult Martial Arts Kickboxing / Muay Thai Fundamentals: Attacking at angles Intermediate: Attacking at angles with advanced combos BJJ Fundamentals – F9 –Basic Double Leg From Standing –Armbar And Triangle…


Focus of the Week 10.28.13 – 11.3.13

Easton Training Center’s Focus of the week; Martial arts classes, News and Events 10/28/13 – 11/3/13 Martial Arts Classes Muay Thai / Kickboxing Fundamentals: Front Kicks Intermediate: Setting up front kicks and front kick combos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals – F6 Rear Choke Defense  Maintain Mount +…