Heavy Bag Routine #3

Warm Up
– 3 x 2 min jump rope, 30 sec rest
– 15 push ups after each round
– 3 x 2 min shadow box, 30 sec rest
– 15 squats after each round

Bag Rounds
2 min rounds, 30 seconds rest
(After each round, 10 squats or 10 push ups)

R1) Boxing
R2) Boxing with Teeps and knees
R3) Boxing, teeps, knees, and elbows
R4) All weapons
R5) All weapons

R6) Punch and low kicks – focus on setting up powerful low kicks. Add in some defense as well.
R7) Punch and middle kicks – focus on setting up powerful middle kicks to the body. Add in check and returns
R8) Punch and long knee – focus on setting up powerful knees to the body.

– 3 min round: 30 seconds straight punches at steady, continuous pace, 30 seconds of single or double power punches. Repeat for the whole round.

– 50 leg lifts
– 50 crunches
– 50 Russian Twists (left/right = 1 twist).
Repeat 2x

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