Zak Kaufman

BJJ Coach, Blue Belt, Boulder, Kids

Zak is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. He moved to Boulder with his family when he was 9 in 2010. He currently attends Boulder High School. The rest of his extended family who did not move to Boulder are still living in Phoenix, where he often visits. Outside of teaching Jiu jitsu, Zak tries his best to train every day after coaching.

When Zak was born, his father was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As early as 4, he was following his father in martial arts. They had switched over to BJJ and had started training at Megaton BJJ when he was 5 years old. He loved training as a kid, but lost some of his enthusiasm when he first moved to Colorado. His dad continued to make him come, no matter how many excuses he had. Eventually, he realized he still enjoyed training.

Zak’s enjoyment for teaching is different than most coaches. Zak knows what it’s like to train as young kid  so he makes sure the kids are learning good Jiu Jitsu and are working hard as well as having fun. He understands what its like to be the student that struggles as well as the one that is always on their game.

Zak’s main goal in BJJ is to make sure he is consistently wanting to be at the gym working–whether it be for teaching the kids, training for competition, or training for physical and mental health. Zak thanks his father and his professors for opening up the opportunity to be involved in BJJ. The main thing Jiu Jitsu has taught Zak is that things can get worse, so you have to push through with what you’ve got.