Robert Garrison


Originally from Los Angeles, California, Coach Robert Garrison is a Certified USA Boxing Coach with 30 years of boxing experience and 47 amatuer bouts under his belt. He got his start in boxing in 1976 at a gym called Rocky’s Left Hook, where Sylvester Stallone trained for the film Rocky.

Throughout his years in the US Navy, Robert fought in “smokers” (the Navy’s boxing competitions) as well as Judo competitions. Following his time in the Navy, Robert lived in Connecticut, training and fighting at Bridgeport Police Activities League under the esteemed tutelage of George Russo. During this time, Robert made it all the way to the 1986 Golden Gloves.

In 1993, Robert made the life-changing decision to become a Personal Trainer with a specialty in boxing.  As a private boxing trainer, Robert has worked with a diverse client population, from teenagers to senior citizens. He has also worked with celebrities, preparing Michael Keaton for his film role as Batman, technical training with Cuba Gooding, Jr., Shemar Moore, Bob Dylan, Vince Vaughn, and Executive Producer Kevin Misher of Public Enemies, Fighting, and the Scorpion King trilogy.

Robert is a Certified Massage Therapist with a specialty in trigger point modalities and deep tissue sports massage, and has worked in physical therapy and chiropractic offices. He has also continued his fitness education, building extensive circuit and strength training knowledge and program development skills. He now has expertise in a wide variety of fitness modalities–from body bars and medicine ball training to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and kinesiology-based knee strengthening.

Robert offers private one-on-one sessions as well as double-up training for students who want to train with a friend. His Fitness Through Boxing training consists of proper punch combinations, footwork, and body movement technique with a focus on strength, core balance and flexibility.