Peter Straub

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Professor Peter Straub is from a small town on the western slope called Paonia. He attended college in Boulder, where he first met Professor Eliot Marshall while working at the Foundry. He invited Peter to come in and train. After graduating with degrees in political science and economics, Peter got a job at a law firm and moved to Denver. In 2011, he quit his job to pursue his MMA career and train and coach full-time.

Peter got his start in MMA when he met a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness who fought MMA. Peter started training with him, and after a few months, he took his first MMA fight in Casper, WY. Although he won, the fight helped him realize how much he still had to learn. At the time, Eliot had just returned from The Ultimate Fighter.  When Peter told him about the fight, Eliot invited him to come to Easton.

Peter has always felt that he had natural leadership ability, and he enjoys being able to help people, so teaching was a great fit for him. He tries to emulate his instructors with his teaching style. Professor Amal Easton taught many of his fundamentals Jiu Jitsu classes, Professor Chaun Sims taught most of his intermediate, and Professor Eliot Marshall taught him most of his advanced classes. As an instructor, Peter tries to use their approaches and methods, as well as mixing in a little of his own style and flavor.

Peter’s ultimate goal as an instructor is to see one of his white belts students eventually earn a black belt.