Melissa Myers


Coach Melissa is is a Colorado native and went to school at Colorado State University, where she received a BS in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion. She is married with two young sons, and when she is not teaching or training at Easton, she competes in figure competitions, paints, travels, plays the banjo (badly), and works as a personal trainer.

Melissa has been a personal trainer since the age of 19, and has been a competitive athlete since she was very young. Fitness has always been a part of her life, but she didn’t enter the MMA world until five years ago, after she had her first son. She doesn’t participate in a sport without competing in it. The first day she joined a kickboxing gym in Vail she told the coach she wanted to fight. Six months later, she competed in her first kickboxing match and won. Melissa continued her MMA journey, and had her second son along the way. Her children inspire her to push herself harder and be better at everything she does. It’s her job to lead by example and show them how to overcome adversity and keep pursuing their dreams.

She was inspired to teach kickboxing because she is passionate about the sport, but also because she knows how intimidating it can be to even walk in to an MMA gym. She has been so blessed to learn from some of the best coaches and work with such amazing teammates that she would like to give back to the sport through teaching. Melissa likes to push her students to discover their own limits. Everyone is capable of far more than they think possible, and she wants all of her students to be able to walk away from class knowing that they achieved more than they thought they could, feeling empowered and proud.

Melissa is always striving to become the best version of herself mentally, physically, and spiritually. So she is always pushing herself to achieve more and see what else she is capable of. Her goals with regards to athletics this year include competing in MMA as much as possible as well as every BJJ tournament in Colorado, so that next year she can try for Pan Ams. She would like to try to compete in at least one CrossFit competition, and she also plan on competing at the national level in figure this year She would someday love to go live in Thailand and Brazil for at least a month each in order to really submerge herself in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu and develop her technique.

She considers herself fortunate to be involved in a sport that has allowed her to learn so much about herself as a person. It has strengthened her spiritually and emotionally and given her great lessons to pass on to her children. She has had to overcome adversity time and time again in this sport, and she is stronger and happier now than she ever has been. The people that she has had the great honor to learn from and train with, who have walked beside her on this journey continually inspired her and encourage her to keep chasing her dreams. Her only hope is that she can do the same for others.