Kieran Hussey

Arvada, BJJ, BJJ Coach, Brown Belt
Kieran grew up in Colorado and has lived up and down the I-25 corridor, finally settling in Arvada. He has degrees from Colorado State University and the University of Denver. Though several of his former hobbies have fallen by the wayside since the birth of his infant son, jiu-jitsu has remained an integral part of his life and you can find him in the academy four to six days per week. His non-jiu-jitsu passions include spending time with his family, playing guitar, and tank top season.
Kieran studied traditional martial arts as a youngster and dabbled in Muay Thai for a few years before discovering his one true love, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which he has practiced for over eight years. Kieran loves all styles of jiu-jitsu, especially the kinds that keep his ears pretty.
An occasional competitor, Kieran’s love for jiu-jitsu mainly lies in the multiple benefits that it offers – the physical and mental exercise, the challenge, camaraderie with your fellow practitioners,┬áthe competitive aspect, the “realness” of it, its never-ending nature…the list goes on and on. As a busy person, there’s no better bang for your buck.
As a jiu-jitsu instructor, Kieran emphasizes the importance of mastering concepts rather than simply memorizing techniques, and believes that what we learn on the mat is often applicable to everyday problem-solving. He is highly engaged in his classes and takes his students’ progression seriously. You can often find him engaged in a post-class discussion around the merits of the newest guard attacks, whether or not he could triangle choke Shrek, or which gi pants are most flattering.