Kevin Baughman

Arvada, BJJ, BJJ Coach, Brown Belt

Kevin was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in Aurora, Colorado. He lives with his girlfriend Amanda, her son Nik, and their two crazy labs: Dory and Zeus. Outside of Jiu JItsu Kevin loves to play golf, watch football, spend time with his family outdoors. He also loves to BBQ and owns his own BBQ business called Lou’s Barbecue.

Kevin first got involved in martial arts when his brother-in-law told him to check out boxing as a way to stay in shape. He trained in kickboxing and boxing for four months before he was convinced to try Jiu Jitsu in 2009. In his first class, Kevin learned mounted armbars, and he was quickly hooked. Jiu Jitsu gives him the chance to release stress, escape from his 9-5 and spend time with great people. Kevin has built many good friendships through Jiu JItsu, and the Kline brothers have been huge in helping him to continue his Jiu JItsu journey.

In both his personal and professional life, Kevin has always had a passion to help people and watch them grow. When he was given the opportunity to help teach, he jumped on it. With every class Kevin teaches, he wants his students to have a light bulb moment when a technique or concept clicks for them. Kevin always looks at the technique from the students’ standpoint, and tries to help them based on what their abilities are. Kevin want all his students to leave class feeling like they have moved closer to their BJJ goal, and like they have accomplished something in class.

Kevin’s most important goal in Jiu JItsu is to earn his black belt and to continue to spread the knowledge of the art. He would eventually like to run his own school. Jiu Jitsu has change his life forever—besides the obvious benefit of keeping him in shape, it has made him more confident in his work and personal life, and helps him to manage stress. Jiu Jitsu has taught him that you can’t control everything that happens, but you can control what you do and how you react.