Jeremiah “JR” Amores

Arvada, BJJ, BJJ Coach, Brown Belt
Jeremiah (JR) Amores started training with Professor Chris Kline back in March of 2010. He has just surpassed 7 years of training Jiu Jitsu and is one of ETC-West’s high Brown Belts. JR became the Program Director for ETC-West in May of 2016. His primary focus has been on building out our children’s program and has lead the Little Tiger’s and Tiger’s program into the burgeoning program it has become.

Students of ETC-West enjoy training with JR because he has carefully crafted an environment of trust with each and every student as well as their parents. He believes that the most important factor in a great Jiu Jitsu school is the trust that is built between all participants and coaches and he builds that trust first by learning each child’s name, as well as any pertinent developmental delays, learning disabilities or attention issues they may have that might help the child learn Jiu Jitsu in a way that works best for them. He believes that a sensitivity to these disabilities allows children that may otherwise be kept from disciplines like Jiu Jitsu, to be able to train in an environment that is aware and open to their differences. Over the years, he has seen many of these special needs students begin to thrive inside and outside of the school, simply by training Jiu Jitsu.

JR instructs his students on the value of perfecting even the smallest of techniques long before applying those techniques within the safety of our advanced Randori classes. His focus on proper technique ensures that every student is not only provided a safe environment in which to train but also allows each of his students to feel empowered to safely apply those techniques with other students. But be careful parents, this empowerment almost always leads to our students attempting their newfound skills on their parents and siblings. (JR encourages parents and siblings to come in for our Saturday Family Classes- to learn how to counter those skills successfully.)

Coach JR especially enjoys our daily Mat Chats where he can teach some of the lessons that ETC-West is  so famous for. These Mat Chats build additional trust between the coaches and their students and reinforces the all-important lessons they are learning at home such as “stranger danger” and “good touch/bad touch.” Mat Chats are also a great opportunity for these students to get engaged and ask questions about the topics they are learning, and to get to know their coaches better through open dialogue.

If you didn’t catch Jeremiah ‘Ice Bear’ Amores competing (and winning) at the last Fight2Win Pro Tournament in February of 2016, and is looking to compete on a regular basis. While he enjoys the challenge of competition he much prefers the opportunity to work daily with his students to encourage the advancement of their Jiu Jitsu skills as well as their individual growth as confident human beings. He also provides comprehensive private instruction to students looking to advance their skills even further.
JR hails from Florida and kind-of Oklahoma, but he proudly calls Colorado his home. He served our country as a United States Marine from November 2004-November 2008 where he learned his impeccable sense of self-discipline and how to keep his good humor under any situation. JR has an extended family all over the country and enjoys traveling to visit his siblings to attend live music events. But ultimately his heart stays here with his adopted (stolen) pitbull puppy, Durban. 

Whether you call him Jeremiah, JR, Coach or just Ice Bear….We are proud to have him bringing his knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, Self-Discipline, as well as his all-around good energy to ETC-West.