Jeff Ake

Arvada, BJJ, BJJ Coach, Brown Belt

Coach Jeff Ake is  from Lakewood, Colorado, and attended Colorado State University where he studied Construction Management and played rugby.  He is married, and outside of Jiu Jitsu he enjoys hiking, hunting, and learning to kayak.

Jeff got involved in BJJ because after wrestling and rugby, he needed a physical and competitive outlet which was a little more engaging than lifting weights or rec league basketball.  Watching the original UFC drew him to BJJ as a discipline, and he stuck with it because the process is so enticing. There are few things in life more satisfying than making progress in your Jiu Jitsu. He started training in 2007, and the moment that really sticks out for him that made him realize he could seriously take his Jiu Jitsu to the next level was the 2009 no-gi Pan Ams.  Although he didn’t medal, he came close, and really surprised himself with his performance.

Becoming a personal trainer made Jeff realize he could pursue teaching Jiu Jitsu as a career. As an instructor, he tries to convey to his students that the real progress you make through Jiu Jitsu is often off the mat. You can use what you learn on the mats to enhance the rest of your life. The approach Jeff takes to teaching is to sweat, smile, learn, and ask “What would John Boyle do?”  He does his best to cater to individual students’ needs by learning their optimal learning style–a visual learner has needs different from a kinesthetic learner.  He wants his students to leave class with a light heart, a clear mind, and a tired body.

Jeff’s future goals are to continue to grow as a teacher and a practitioner, to compete at the highest level he is able to, and hopefully to grow within the Easton family as an instructor. He is always amazed by the amazing practitioners and instructors that come through Easton BJJ to train and teach seminars, and looks forward to traveling more to train with some of these people.  Specifically, he would like to go Rio and train with the GFTeam.

Jiu Jitsu helps Jeff bring balance and order to an otherwise chaotic world, and the lessons that he learns on the mat continually push him to be the best version of himself in his personal and professional life.  He believes firmly that Jiu Jitsu teaches you the value of hard work, persistence, patience, and how to learn.