Garin Runyon

Blue Shirt, Denver, Striking, Striking Coach

Coach Garin Runyon has always been involved in athletics–from soccer in his younger years

to football through college. Being a local and growing up in Wheat Ridge, CO, has given him an advantage in the mile-high altitude over many other athletes he has competed against through the years. He is now living in Westminster, CO, after four years in Durango studying Exercise Science and competing on the football field. Garin lives with his wife Brittany, his son Jayce and their three dogs Riley, Rebel, and Rocco. When he is not working hard in the office or the gym, he is spending time with his family.

At the end of his time on the football field, he turned to MMA to keep himself disciplined, motivated, and stress-free in all aspects of life. After walking into T’s KO in 2009, martial arts became part of him, and he strives to give his students that same feeling. It’s more than just martial arts, it’s a way of life.

For Garin, Teaching is learning. He tries to incorporate everything he has learned from all of his great instructors throughout the years, as well as to pick up new tricks along the way. Whether it’s their first class or their 100th, he wants every student to leave his class better, not only physically, but mentally.

Professionally Garin wants to keep learning, keep teaching, keep growing, and keep rising as high as he can possibly go, and he will work everyday to achieve that goal. Personally, he would like to travel and see a K-1 tournament live in a different country so he can see the power, speed, and technique with his own eyes. Martial arts has helped him in all aspects of his life from confidence to motivation, and it continues to help him grow as a person, and that is what he strives to teach his students.