Danny Wilson

Boulder, Brown Shirt, Striking, Striking Coach

Coach Danny Wilson is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but has lived in the Boulder and Denver area since he was a teenager, and considers Colorado home. He went to Johnson and Whales University, where he earned his degree in Culinary arts and Nutrition. He currently works part-time at The Westin Hotel in Denver. In his free time he love training Muay Thai and skateboarding. Eventually, Danny would also like to start an energy and protein bar business.

Even as a child, Danny always found martial arts appealing. Some of his favorite movies included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Three Ninjas, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, The Quest, and of course, the Rocky movies. Danny started training when he was 19, and was instantly hooked. He loves the adrenaline and ability to really push himself to the limit. In his seven years of Muay Thai training, he has picked up 15 fights, including six amateur and nine professional in Thailand.

Although teaching Muay Thai is rather new to him, he is enjoying it immensely. He really cares about helping his students improve, and enjoys watching them start martial arts as he once did years ago. Danny’s teaching style is a mixture of all the things he learned from the many coaches he’s had throughout the years. He enjoys mixing in some Dutch-style Muay Thai as well as traditional Muay Thai. He enjoys getting creative with the moves and techniques he teaches in class, basing them on his experience in the ring, ensuring that his classes will never be boring.

Danny looks forward to continuing to teach and helping people achieve their goals as martial artists. He will also continue to train and fight as much as he can, and his ultimate goal is to fight under the Lion Fight and Glory promotions. With focus and dedication, he believes that he will get there. Danny believes that training Muay Thai is a great way to develop respect and discipline. Although some students may not have perfect technique right away, he encourages them to continue to practice and to dedicate themselves to learning. Danny’s top priority is helping you to perform better than yesterday.