Corey McConnell

Arvada, BJJ, BJJ Coach, Brown Belt

Coach Corey moved to Colorado in 2009 from where he grew up in Arlington, TX, when he and his then girlfriend, now wife, and him decided they wanted to quit their jobs and start their life in the Rockies. When he’s not coaching or training at the school, Corey is an avid drummer and often plays at his church, as he’s much too old to still be in a band.

Corey started watching MMA in college and became interested in BJJ, but didn’t start training until he moved to Golden. He found Easton Arvada within weeks of moving here and has been training there non-stop under Professors Nick & Chris Kline since March 2009. He started instructing a few years into getting his purple belt and has been teaching the Fundamentals Classes ever since.

Corey’s​ love/obsession for BJJ goes beyond just learning a good self-defense system, or staying in shape. He believes jiujitsu parallels life in the most physical sense. The difficulties you’ll face on the mat and the victories that will come from nothing other than hard work and time spent on the mat, bleed over into your daily routine and you become better at dealing with stress, better at handling pressure, and overall, a happier and better person.