Chris Tramell


Coach Chris Tramell is originally from Austin, Texas. A life-long martial artist, Chris has long been fascinated with martial arts, from its history in various cultures to its emphasis on spiritual self-discipline. He started self-training in early childhood, learning techniques from books and magazines, and began his formal training with Tae Kwon Do when he was eight years old. He was a ninja for Halloween six years in a row, and when he watched UFC 1 in 1992, he knew he had discovered his passion.

Chris began his training in Muay Thai at age 14, and at 19 he broadened his practice, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and various other disciplines in preparation for a career in Mixed Martial Arts. At 23, Chris moved to Las Vegas to join UFC champion Randy Couture’s team. In the eight years of professional MMA fighting that followed, Chris was a teammate and sparring partner to a host of big-name fighters and champions.

During this time, he had the opportunity to learn from and observe some of the best instructors in every discipline, and was inspired to become a coach. Chris believes strongly in the power of martial arts to teach discipline, self control, humility, and self confidence. He sees martial arts as providing practitioners with the opportunity to evolve, learn more about themselves, and create meaningful bonds with other people who share similar goals, and he loves to share his passion with others. He jumped at the opportunity to move to Boulder to join the Easton Training Center team in 2013, and couldn’t be happier with his decision.

Chris’ instructional style is very individualized. Though he teaches the same strong techniques to all students, he makes adjustments for body types and natural predispositions, looking for ways to remove blocks from every individual’s practice in order to open up pathways to their natural abilities. He often quotes Bruce Lee, saying, “I teach to you nothing, I only show you how to explore yourselves.”

Chris continues to compete professionally, and has represented the United States in kickboxing matches in Ireland and China. He enjoys competing overseas, and is interested in taking on more professional Muay Thai fights. In the future, he would like to make coaching and teaching a full-time endeavor, and has goals of training other fighters to contend at a professional level.