Andrew Kuykendall

Coach Andrew grew up in Maryland and enlisted in the Navy after graduating high school. After serving in the Navy for over eight years he moved to Colorado to take a job as a Utilities Technician at the MillerCoors brewery in Golden. Coach Andrew first…


Fernie Martinez

Fernie is from Juarez, Mexico. He moved to the El Paso, Texas when he was six, then to Boulder with his family when he was thirteen. He went to high school at Boulder High, and is currently studying at Metro University in Denver. He has…

Terrence Moore Portrait

Terrence Moore

Coach Terrence Moore is from Amarillo, Texas, where most of his family still resides. He moved to Boulder in the winter of 2013. Since arriving here, he has built his life around ETC Boulder, first as a student, and now as a coach. You can…