Easton Training Center – Longmont’s Member of the Month: Octavio Garcia

Octavio was nominated by the staff at Easton Training Center Longmont as our first Member of the Month. He’s embodying those values that are so highly sought out at Easton Training Center. I got a chance to sit down with Octavio to learn a bit more about him; Below is a transcript of our conversation.  

How did you start your Easton experience?  

Octavio: So, there were a couple months where I was looking at gyms, and I couldn’t find one near Longmont, so I was looking near Fort Collins, just anywhere nearby, and I gave it one last shot. I think you all had just opened up this year at that property, and once I found out, I right away said “I need to go, I have to check this out.” And I was reading how other people were enjoying it too and how the coaches really put their time into teaching you how to get your technique down. The coaches are so awesome. The way they push you is great because sometimes you need that motivation, right?  

Were you looking for a martial arts gym?  

Octavio: I wasn’t. I’ve always been into boxing, I would always go with my mom’s brother to his friend’s house, and we would watch the boxing matches. So, growing up I’ve always been into it, but I didn’t start until I was maybe 14 years-old. I was getting in trouble a lot, and my mom was trying to get me on the right path. I would stop and go, and it was just a kind of a back and forth thing. Then I found this; I found Easton. From boxing it transitioned to MMA. I’ve noticed myself watching UFC videos a lot, so if you open up my YouTube, it’s just UFC.  

Is there anyone you’re following in the UFC right now?  

Octavio: Yeah, there’s one in particular who has always been my favorite, Nate Diaz. I like the way he carries himself and goes all out. He loves the sport, and I find myself falling in love with that style more and more. 

You’ve brought a few friends to the gym. Why did you decide to bring them in?  

Octavio: My friend, Ricardo. We’ve known each other since we were in middle school. We’ve grown up, we’ve been best friends, and we wanted to change our lives. I know it’s a long shot, but we sit and talk about how we are going to go all the way. It’s a promise we made not only to ourselves, but to our kids and our families. We really want this. We’re not just talking but we are showing up. I told him that this is life changing, not just for me but for you as well. As my best friend, I want you to succeed with me!  

Where do you want to see yourself in six months? One year? What are the goals you have?  

Octavio: I’m not looking too much into the future right now. All I can do is train day by day. Take this and learn from you guys, and take it in. My short-term goal right now would be a green shirt! That’s the stuff that I want right now. We hear there might be a competition coming up, and we don’t want to waste time. We are working super hard for it, and that hard work and dedication is what we are all about. But you know that, you have to be patient. Patience is key. I’ve taught myself how to be patient a lot, how to just take it in day by day, just go train. Learn one thing one day, another thing another day. Listen to Coach. I think I chose a great gym, Easton Training Center is where I’m going to be at!  

Do you think that the patience you’re learning at the gym is the most valuable thing you’re bringing out into the world with you? 

Octavio: Definitely. I can tell you this, being in Easton has changed the way I look at things. It’s changed my short-term goals and my long-term goals, as we were saying. It’s teaching me a lot, how to be patient, how to be respectful,  how to not talk back to my mom! It’s taught me a lot, Coach, it really has. It’s taught me how to be a better person, a better father. When I look at my boys, I tell them, “Daddy will make it, I will make it, this is what I want, this is what I’m super committed to.”  

What is your favorite technique?  

Octavio: I’m really liking my high kicks. My head kicks are coming along great. I think it’s the soccer, soccer helps. I think I learned to do my head kicks way before I started training. And I think this is where YouTube is coming in. I even surprise myself how quick I can catch on to these things. It’s really surprising how you stretch your hips and you are so flexible. After a few weeks or months of training, wow! I can tell you, I think I can do the splits now! 

What is your favorite post-workout meal? 

Octavio: Don’t ask me about food, Coach! I love food! I’ll be honest, no bluffing here, I am very bad at that. I have days where I will eat healthy, and then I have days where I stuff my face – especially if my mom’s cooking some really good food, like calabacitas. I like when she makes zucchini too. It’s very healthy.   

What are you doing outside the gym right now?  

Soccer is what I’m doing right now. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a little kid. It’s been going good. We’ve won a couple local championships, nothing too big, but it’s cool to win some. I can’t wait until soccer starts again. They shut it down because of the virus. We were going for our third championship and it kind of ruined our playoff spot. They’re supposedly going to start in a couple of weeks, and I want to see if the kicks I do in training can transfer into soccer. Maybe I’m at a weird angle, and the ball is coming at me, and I could do a little low kick, and just see if it goes in! 

A few things we didn’t get a chance to touch on as much: Octavio is really committed to learning more about martial arts as a whole. He has aspirations for getting into the MMA scene, and is actively trying to change his life to fit into his long-term goals. He’s eating healthier (he gave up chips and soda already) and we discussed what those upcoming striking competitions might look like. He’s very devoted to learning more and pushing himself, and his friend Ricardo, onwards and upwards, becoming a better version of himself.  

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