Easton Training Center Instructor Highlight: Professor John Gowder

Professor John has recently joined the coaching team here at Easton Training Center Littleton and we are happy to have him share his experience on the mats! Professor John has been training BJJ for over 13 years and received his black belt from Daniel Tavarez in Pennsylvania after 11 years of training. After moving to Colorado in 2019, he took a short break to find the right place to resume his training. After having positive experiences with the Easton Community in the past, it did not take him long to realize this is where he belongs.

Meet Professor John

Professor John’s favorite submission at the time of writing this is the Kimura so keep those elbows in tight when rolling with him! He is also working on refining escapes to get out of bad positions so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a dominant position – you wont be there long. When asked what it takes to be a successful student in BJJ and to earn a black belt, he said it takes determination and humility. You have to keep showing up knowing you are going to get beat and being okay with that. Being a black belt also means giving back to the next generation of BJJ practitioners. His ideal student is a new student who comes in with a clean slate and has no expectations. Someone who is there to have fun and better themselves.

You can find Professor John instructing the intermediate class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30PM as well as the fundamentals class on Saturdays at 11AM! We are excited for the opportunity to have another black belt in our ranks to share with us his vast knowledge of the art.

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