Kickboxing Bingo Challenge

Throughout the month of February, Kickboxing students at all Easton academies participated in another exciting fitness challenge coordinated by our Kickboxing Program Director, Coach Bailey Winters.

Students were tasked with completing a series of mini-challenges related to their Kickboxing training. Each mini-challenge was one square on a bingo sheet, and students received prizes for completing a row, column, or diagonal. One key rule: Students had to complete all of their challenges in the academy with a coach signing off. Bingo squares included some seriously tough tasks like doing 100 consecutive burpees or 100 round kicks on each leg.

It was really incredible to see everyone putting in the hard work to complete these challenges. In several cases, groups of training partners coordinated to complete challenges together, supporting one another and building up our community.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to some of our big winners. These students completed the full “Easton E” or total blackouts of their bingo cards–no easy feat in just four weeks! The first student at each location to complete a blackout received a free month of training for their efforts. We’re so proud of all the Kickboxing Bingo Challenge participants, and we can’t wait to turn up the heat on another friendly competition soon! Great work, team!

Frank Loughran – Arvada – Blackout!
Ava Fox – Boulder – Easton E!
Daniel Araujo – Boulder – Blackout!
Justin Cole – Centennial – Blackout!
Erin Young – Centennial – Easton E!
Thomas Broadway – Longmont – Blackout!

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