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Job Opening – Easton Webmaster

We are in search of a webmaster for the Easton Training Center website! Our ideal candidate is someone who already belongs to our community and who has a background in web development or computer science. Compensation will be a membership trade, monthly salary, or possibly some combination of the two. This position will require about 5 hours per month on average. Once or twice a year, it might require a time commitment of closer to 15 hours in a month to handle issues or big updates.

Applicants, please email your resume to

Hard skills requirements:

  • WordPress
  • WP Engine
  • Basic programming (PHP, JavaScript, HTML)

Job Description

The Easton Webmaster will be responsible for keeping the website maintained and up to date. This person will report to the Director of Marketing and will need to be on retainer to make fixes as needed and also be proactive in anticipating issues related to website hosting, integrations, etc.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Updating content (instructor bios, location pages, static pages, copyright, design, plugins)
  • Building new pages
  • Fixing bugs, troubleshooting
  • Managing WP Engine
  • Managing custom plugins
  • Managing integration with other apps (E.g. Mindbody Healcode, MailGun, WooCommerce, Analytics, Facebook Pixel)
  • Communication with Easton management regarding content needs
  • Communication with Easton’s Managing Content Editor regarding SEO
  • Managing GoDaddy account (Renewals, domains, etc.)

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