David Leduc Lethwei Seminar

Join us for a Lethwei Seminar!

We are excited to announce a Muay Thai/Lethwei seminar with the world-famous, David Leduc! This will be a unique opportunity to learn about the sport of Lethwei, which is closely related to Muay Thai, but involves the use of the head as well. David is a multiple-time Lethwei world champion, who is currently traveling the world sharing his knowledge. The seminar will take place at Easton Training Center Denver on Saturday, January 27th from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. All are welcome, but space will be LIMITED, so sign up early!

About David Leduc

Dave Leduc is the current undisputed Lethwei Open weight World Champion.

He was the first-ever Canadian to win in the controversial Prison Fight Thailand fundraising event, which took place inside a maximum security prison in Bangkok.

In 2016, he was the first fighter not from Myanmar to take the Lethwei Golden belt – Lethwei World Title. He unseated Lethwei star Tun Tun Min at the Aung Lan Championship in Yangon.

David is presently focusing on promoting the sport around the world with seminar tours, and planning the construction of the first international Lethwei training center in Myanmar.

About Lethwei vs. Muay Thai

Lethwei is also known as Burmese bare-knuckle boxing. Originating in Myanmar, it is a full-contact combat sport, which is similar to Muay Thai in that it uses stand-up striking as well as the clinch. Instead of using boxing gloves, Lethwei fighters compete bare knuckled, wearing only tape and gauze on their hands. Legal strikes in Lethwei include punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, but what distinguishes it most clearly from Muay Thai is the use of the head. While most combat sports don’t allow it, in Lethwei, headbutting actually is encouraged. This is the reason it also known as “The Art of 9 Limbs” compared to Muay Thai’s 8. 

Sunday January 27th
12:00 – 3:00 PM
Easton Training Center Denver


Early Bird Registration until 1/20: $50

Regular Registration: $65

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