Cory Sandhagen Wins Pro MMA Debut

Coach Cory Sandhagen of High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora recently had his professional MMA debut in Williston, North Dakota.

Reflecting on his trip, Cory says, “Williston was a very country town and very foreign to me. The people and the feel were very different than what I’m used to.” However, once he was in the cage, Cory felt right at home. He found his focus, and the crowd was on his side.  Two minutes into the first round, he took his opponent’s back, and submitted him with a rear naked choke.



After the fight, Cory watched part of the Vanilla Ice concert, which was part of the event, went to Buffalo Wild Wings, flew home, and took a few days off. Now he is busy training and preparing for his professional Muay Thai debut on August 8th at The Grizzly Rose.

Cory says the trip was a fun one, and he was happy for the opportunity to hang out with his coach Christian Allen, as well as Cody Mumma and his teammate Cat Zingano, who also fought. Getting paid to win was the cherry on top. Keep an eye out for more from Cory, his promising fight career is just beginning!

Check out the video of the fight!

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