Focus of the Week (12/3/18)

BJJ | Kickboxing | Muay Thai | Kids

12.3.2018 – 12.9.2018



  • Standing head lock and Punch defense Escape – Understanding how to defend the headlock is key for self-defense. This week we will look at how to defend the standing headlock by tripping our opponent to the rear and transitioning to an armbar.
  • Control top of headlock and finish arm bar – In order to properly defend ourselves, we must understand how to defend the headlock not only from standing, but also on the ground. This week we will look at a few escapes from the bottom of the headlock position, and finish by transitioning to an armbar.


  • Drills: De la Riva to anaconda
  • Takedown: Single Leg (dump and outsdie trip)
  • Ground: 100k escapes 1-5 and frame


Kickboxing – Angles of attack

The goal of combat sports is to hit and not get hit! This week, we will focus on different ways of “stepping off the line” to avoid getting hit after we hit our opponents. A good rule of thumb is to step to the side you finish on. So, if you finish with your lead hand, step to your lead side. If you finish with your rear hand, exit to your rear side. This week, we drill the pivot step to the lead side and the slide step to our rear side. Get off the tracks!

Muay Thai – Teep Offense and Strategy

This week in Muay Thai, we will focus on using the teep, which translates to “foot jab” in Thai. The teep is a versatile weapon that can be used for range finding, disruption, off-balance your opponent, or setting up another attack. We will look at the mechanics of this kick then explore the different uses of it, especially for distance and balance manipulation.

Kids –

Little Tigers

  • Warm Up – Front rolls, back rolls, hipping out, and break fall
  • Standing – Jab, cross, and knee
  • BJJ – Crazy Horse, review Bulldozer and Spider Kid
  • Game – Instructor’s Choice
  • Explanation – For the striking portion of the class, we will focus on throwing a basic jab, cross, vertical rear knee combination. Make sure the students are standing in a correct Muay Thai stance. On the ground, we will play the Crazy Horse game, which teaches students to spin to the back of a turtled opponent. Revisit the Spider Kid and Bulldozer techniques if time allows

Tigers – Whtie Belt

  • Standing – Double Leg
  • Ground – Guard bottom, mount top and front choke

Tigers – Advanced

  • Standing – Guard pull to hook sweep
  • Ground – Knee on belly and switching sides over body and head

Thoughts – Dream Big

One of the reasons I teach is that I believe anyone can do anything they put their mind to if they want it badly enough. If you want to reach your fitness goals badly enough, then you will, no question. I’m not just talking about your fitness goals though. One thing that people say a lot is to have dreams that are attainable. I disagree with that logic, because then you will never work hard enough to realize your full potential. I genuinely believe that resources are not as limited as we are led to believe. The people who are successful and achieve in life are the ones who don’t impose self-limitations, and are not discouraged by missteps and setbacks. Like everything in life, the dreams that are the most rewarding to realize are the ones that have the hardest paths. I challenge all of you to take that chance and to take that path. Go home, think about what it is you really want to do, and start chasing it. It sounds cliché, but I think most things that sound cliché are that way because there is inherent truth in them. If your dream doesn’t scare you, even a little bit, then you’re doing it wrong.


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