Move Of The Week 9/26

Move of the Week 9/26 – This week, Professor Easton demonstrates some really great moves, including escaping the knee on belly, which as we all know, is a particularly punishing affair.

Fundamentals Stand up:

Pummel and LBC

Fundamentals Ground:

Basic frame and pummel escapes from 100k-going to back or double

Intermediate Stand up:

Knees from plum (skip & barn),

Intermediate Ground:

Escape knee on belly

If you want to learn jiu jitsu in Castle Rock, Easton BJJ is the best choice for the best training!

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  • Jeff Cummings

    How cool is Professor Easton? He is in Vegas and takes time out in some random hallway to demonstrate the move of the week. That’s dedication to teaching! Another reason I am a big fan!

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