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December 20, 2021

How to Start Martial Arts in 2022

Marc Beerline

How to Start Martial Arts in 2022

Each New Year presents a surge of energy, hope, and aspiration for what we want to work toward and accomplish with the opportunity presented when the calendar ticks over. A fresh start or continuation allows us to shed the shortcomings from the previous year while taking what we have learned in the previous year to moving forward into 2022. Setting yourself up for success in the New Year does not need to be needlessly overcomplicated.

Big goals start with small steps, successes, and consistency which will lead you to larger results.

Below are a few questions and suggestions to consider as we close out 2021 and progress into the new year.

Take time to think about what you aim to achieve and accomplish.

How do you want your intentions and actions to set yourself up for success in the next year? Are you aiming to start martial arts? Are you looking to diversify your focus and skill set (working on both sides of the mat, for example)? Do you hope to compete at some capacity in the next year?

Everyone’s martial arts journey is distinct and different, and we all follow a different path. Think about where you were last year, the progress you have made, and what you want to work toward in 2022. There are no right or wrong answers, only who you are now and where you want to take yourself in the next year.

Think about creating habits more than setting goals.

If your goal is to lose weight, earn your next promotion, compete at whatever capacity, or simply to progress (which in itself is a big achievement), think about the habits that you need to create in order to support your goal. Setting a goal without outlining the habits that will define that goal is like trying to conquer a mountain without having a path on how to summit; you know what you want but not how to get there.

Start simple and work your way up from there. It is our habits that create success, not our goals. Set the intention to train 4-5 times a week instead of 3-4. Keep it simple, attainable, and easy to track and you will find success.

Clear obstacles that may hold you back.

As we progress through life, it becomes increasingly clear that our most finite resource is time. This can also be our biggest excuse as to why we do not achieve our goals and intentions at times. Finding ways to manage your time and others expectations of your time is tantamount to preparing you for success in the next year. Your accomplishments belong to you and the time needed to achieve them is yours alone.

Work to eliminate the obstacles, big or small. Find the best place to train, memorize (or bookmark) the schedule of your most convenient gym location, prepare your training bag the night before, and leave it by the door. Make your commitment to training obvious, appealing, easy to implement, and reward yourself for your achievements!

Build relationships with your teammates and create commitments.

We are all one as an Easton community. That is our biggest strength. If you haven’t already, cultivate relationships with your teammates and training partners. Vocalize to them what you want to accomplish and coordinate on when you will train together.

Achieving your fitness goals is always easier when you have someone to work with and hold you accountable.

We each have different hopes, goals, and aspirations as we move into the New Year. As you prepare for 2022, remember to keep it simple, start small, and think about the habits that will help start out the New Year with the traction you need to generate the momentum for success into the second half of the year.

Make it consistent, accessible, and fun. You will not only smash what you aim to achieve, but make some good friends and have a great time learning new things along the way!

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