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Easton Training Center Kids’ Martial Arts Summer Camp Registration is Now Open

Easton Training Center recently announced that kids’ martial arts summer camp registration is now open!

Locations and Dates

  • Boulder (August 2-6)
  • Centennial (June 7-11 / June 21-25 / July 5-9 / July 19-23)
  • Longmont (Jun 7-11 / Jun 21-25 / Jul 5-9 / Jul 19-23 / Jul 26-30 / Aug 2-6)

Ready to register now? CLICK HERE.

Why should kids attend martial arts summer camp at Easton Training Center?

Kids will love building ninja skills with our staff of caring, enthusiastic instructors. Easton summer camps focus on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, two of the most effective and practical martial arts kids can learn. Our teaching style is playful and fun, incorporating martial arts techniques into exciting games and drills. In our daily mat chats, campers will learn about anti-bullying techniques, as well as martial arts values like self-discipline, respectful behavior, and how to carry themselves with confidence. Start the new school year with no fear!

Both beginners and advanced students are welcome!

Sessions are one week long, and you have the option to enroll your child for the full week or just a few days.

Click here to register!

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