Fight to Win Pro 92

Joshua Baerwolf finishes Lewis Gault and F2W Pro 92. Photo By Moira Burns

Saturday November 3rd marked the 92nd iteration of jiu-jitsu’s most prolific showcase, Fight to Win Pro.  As is always the case when F2W returns to home base in Denver, Easton BJJ had a very robust showing.  Seventeen competitors from our various Front Range academies put their skills on display in front of a large audience at the National Western Complex.  Remarkably, five Amal Easton black belts competed in the event, amassing an impressive 5-0 record.   

No doubt each competitor wants to have their hand raised, but ultimately the wins and losses aren’t what matters.  Competition in any form is difficult by design and competition in combat sports takes it to another level.  One must put in the type of hard work that most aren’t willing to do, as well as overcoming the anxiety and nerves that come with the isolated nature of one-on-one sport.  Add in the extra spotlight of doing it on a stage in front of an arena full of people — often friends and family — and the athletes are presented with the ultimate challenge of their abilities.  Thus, no competitor should be judged on their respective outcomes — just being out there means they are willing to push themselves further than most.  

Be sure to acknowledge our athletes when you see them around the academies.  Win or lose, they deserve it.   

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