Fight to Win Pro 7

Fight to Win’s professional Jiu Jitsu event is returning to Denver on July 15th, and it’s one you won’t want to miss! Professor Eliot Marshall is the co-main event, and there will be ten other Easton fighters on the card.

Buy your tickets online or through your favorite fighter!

Here’s the full line-up:

Main Event

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Cyborg

Co-Main Event – Heavyweight Black Belt No-Gi

Eliot Marshall (Easton) vs. Warren Brooks (Gracie Barra)


155 lbs. Black Belt 
Todd Kornfield (Catalyst BJJ) vs. Nick Maez (Durango MMA)

220 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Grant Gather (McMahon BJJ) vs. Jarred Dopp (Lovato BJJ)

175 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
John Combs (Easton) vs. Hayward Charles (Hybrid MMA)

170 lbs. Black Belt
Philip Miller (Easton) vs. Sean Stewart (Colorado BJJ)

170 lbs. Black Belt No-Gi
Scott Miller (Katharo Jiu Jitsu) vs. Alvin Robinson (Royce Gracie BJJ)

Brown Belt Main Event – 205 lbs. Brown Belt

Indiana Danaher (Easton) vs. Don Westman (Colorado BJJ)

185 lbs. Brown Belt No-Gi

Bruce Bugbee (Easton) vs. Phil Lietz (The Sanctuary)

115 lbs. Brown Belt Female No-Gi

Fabiana Jorge (10th Planet) vs. Vanessa Wexler (Gracie Barra)

175 lbs. Brown Belt

Jeremy Hastings (Katharo Jiu Jitsu) vs. Nick Laney (Infinite MMA)

160 lbs. Brown Belt

Jimmy Maldonado (Way of Jiu Jitsu) vs. Mike Martin (Kompound)

Purple Belt Main Event – Heavyweight Purple Belt

Jose Martinez (303 Training Center) vs. Ryan Martinez (Drysdale BJJ)

140 lbs. Purple Belt

Derek Alumbaugh (Easton) vs. Casey Pratt (Gracie Barra)

185 lbs. Purple Belt

Jimmy Grissam (Darkhorse) vs. Esmelin Espinal (Colorado BJJ)

145 lbs. Purple Belt

Matt Sierra (303 Training Center) vs. Daymar Ortiz (Zingano BJJ)

200 lbs. Purple Belt

Jesse Franklin (Easton) vs. DC Hazen (Colorado BJJ)

170 lbs. Purple Belt

Carlos Hernandez (The Farm BJJ) vs. Mike Terpstra (Infinite MMA)

170 lbs. Purple Belt

Sean Speer (Catalyst BJJ) vs. Ian McGonigle (The Kompound)

Teen Main Event – Teen Girl 130 lbs. Blue Belt

Nicole Evangelista (The Sanctuary) vs. Riley Breedlove (10th Planet)

Teen Boy 155 lbs. Blue Belt

Nick Gamez (Easton) vs. Eli Dexter (Durango MMA)

Teen Boy 140 lbs. Blue Belt No-Gi

Bill Thomas (Catalyst BJJ) vs. Eric Sainz (Zingano BJJ)

Teen Girl 130 lbs. Green Belt N0-Gi

Emma Sojo (High Altitude) vs. Jaidyn Muellar (Factory X)

Kids 110 lbs. Yellow Belt

Eddye Aguirre Banuelos vs. Braiden Holmes (Castle Rock BJJ)

Kids 90 lbs. Orange Belt No-Gi

Wilson Sojo (High Altitude) vs. Kaidon Sullivan (Fusboxe)




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