Easton in Your Workplace


Bring your favorite workout to work!

Is fitness part of your company culture? Do you want to share the Easton love with your coworkers and employees? Does your corporate office want a customized yet affordable fitness program taught by the best instructors?

Then you should learn about our satellite program!

Connecting with Local Businesses

We’re partnering with local businesses to bring our unbeatable class programming into your workplace. When you set up an Easton satellite program, employees will enjoy the health and fitness benefits of an Easton membership, with the convenience of training at work. We’ll send the instructors you know and love to teach regular sessions, just for you.

If these on-site classes at your business have you wanting more, don’t worry! Employees will also receive a discount on all regular memberships at Easton Training Center, where they can take advantage of our packed schedule and beautiful facilities.

Get fit with your favorite coworkers, and boost your company wellness!

Learn More

Contact us at info@eastontrainingcenter.com or call 303.938.1275 and ask for Mike to learn more about how it works, get pricing and to hear testimonials.