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Easton Training Center Instructor Highlight: Professor Nick Reid

Professor Nick Reid is our kids department head at Easton Training Center Centennial. Nick is a black belt with 13 years of experience. His dedication to the sport and his students is extremely valued. Whether he is teaching adults or children, Nick is known for his enthusiastic and technical classes.

Starting Out

Professor Nick first started Jiu-Jitsu in Maine when he was 21. Professor Nick’s favorite thing about Jiu-Jitsu is the awesome way it connects people. When he finished college, he moved back to Colorado. His coach at the time recommended that Nick train at Easton Training Center since that was where he trained. Professor Nick started as a cleaner to pay his tuition and then did orientations in the evening. Coaching is something he didn’t really pursue but just eventually fell into.

Coaching Kids

For many years, I have watched Professor Nick in awe as he worked with many different personalities. It is really amazing to see him help them learn to listen, focus, and grow. I held the belief that he was just naturally good with kids. He tells a different story. “The first experience I had teaching kids was with a brand new little girl who was probably 5-6 who was clearly nervous about taking class. I had done a ton of adult orientations by that point so I figured no problem…. I WAS WRONG. I had no idea how to address this tiny human. Luckily one of the senior instructors was there to help me out but after that I dedicated most of my time to understanding how to teach kids.”

Now, Professor Nick is asked all the time for advice from parents. The question that comes up the most? “How did you get my child to focus?” According to Nick “Number one is TRULY CARING about transforming these kids into outstanding humans.” Nick never asks anything of a child unless he has built rapport first.

Learning from others

Professor Nick often claims he has no secret to working with kids. When asked, he tells people “to learn from those who are better and have done it longer than me!” The people he would include in that list? As a starting point for family literature, Nick recommends the Love and Logic books. Nick is also a huge fan of Jocko Willink and all his books, podcasts, etc.” Jocko is a proven leader that explains leadership in a great way and his kids books are fantastic as well.” Overall Nick believes there is always room to grow and improve. He is always looking for new sources to learn from.

Professor Nick holds himself and his staff to a high standard, both on and off the mat. You will often see him using his spare time to talk to students and parents about the topic or lesson of the day, or just Jiu-Jitsu in general.

We are very grateful to have him as a part of the Easton Family.

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