How to Tie Your Belt in 6 Easy Steps

When you first begin your jiu-jitsu journey, one of the biggest challenges can be learning how to tie your belt! While there are many variations on tying the belt, in this article we will show you one simple way to tie a secure knot that will stay tight while training.

Step 1: Hold the belt by the middle and place it in front of your stomach.

Step 2: Wrap both ends around behind your back and bring them to the front again.

Step 3: Take the left-hand tail and wrap it downward around both strands of the belt, then pull it up behind.

Step 4: Fold the left-hand tail towards the left.

Step 5: Bring the right-hand tail up in front of the left-hand tail, and pull it down between the left-hand tail and the belt.

Step 6: Pull tight!

You can also watch a video where Coach Rox demonstrates how to tie the belt here:

And finally, remember, it is always fine to ask your coach or another more advanced student for help with tying your belt. Like everything else in jiu-jitsu, this is a skill that takes practice to learn. Keep practicing every day and soon you will be able to tie your belt quickly and easily!

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