Berimbolo Defense

Revolutionary Berimbolo Defense at Easton Training Center

Revolutionary Berimbolo Defense at Easton Training Center

In case you’ve been having trouble with the Berimbolo. We have this exclusive video filmed from the mats of Easton Training Center in Boulder. Please keep this to yourself and your fellow teammates. We must protect the secrets of this revolutionary technique at Team Easton. I want all to take note and drill this until it is second nature. Even with coach James’ incredible Bermibolo attack and flawless technique, it is still no match for Coach Shae’s defense. ¬†And now without further ado:

The Revolutionary Berimbolo Defense by Coach Shae Smith and Easton Training Center.

Now you are all aware of how to deal with the bermibolo. If you have more questions on the “Revolutionary Berimbolo Defense” please speak with Coach Shae. You can find him on the mat at almost all times of day. Stiffy Bolo for life!


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