DENVER THIS SUNDAY…MAY 17th – PROFESSOR TYRONE GLOVER!!! – Head Instructor at “I’ll Beat You!” Anywhere, USA

Head Instructor at “I’ll Beat You!” Anywhere, USA

I’m really excited to be able to bring Professor Tyrone Glover to Easton Denver to head class this Sunday. He is a tornado of BJJ, wrestling and agility.When I felt stale in my BJJ I went to Professor Glover for help. Josh Ford had told me “He is like a mechanic, you go in to him and he tunes up your Jiu Jitsu!” What an appropriate description! He did exactly that and what he showed me week after week impacted my BJJ immediately. What I realized is this…if you take wrestling and make it beautiful…its BJJ! Sorry wrestlers…but that’s the truth!

If you have never met Professor Glover he is an amazing guy who among other things just graduated CU Law and will be moving to Denver (sorry Boulder!). He has won more BJJ and grappling tournaments than I can list and he has fought in PRIDE in Japan (his fight against Din Thomas was legendary!). Look up his vids on youtube if you dont believe me!

10:30am…Academy Opens (please make sure you sign in)
11AM-11:45 BJJ CLASS
11:45-1pm OPEN MAT
1-1:45 YOGA


Professor Easton and Professor Correa are doing everything possible to leverage all of their resources to create the most interesting classes and best training for its students and the family is just growing.

If you have friends from outside of Easton BJJ who grapple, they are absolutely welcome to join us for Sunday training and Yoga. The drop-in fee is $20 (this is only available for Sunday’s class). They can come learn from some of the best instructors in the country and get great positional drilling/training in the process (I did a drop in at Yoga class last week…$17!) $20 for 3 hours of training is a bargain!!!

Please call me with all questions and I hope your week is off to a great start!

Please spread the word…

Prof Sus

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