Author: Nick Mavrick

Chasing That 15 Minutes

By Nick Mavrick Middle-Age jiu jitsu comes with a unique set of consequences This is for the statelier of our jiu jitsu gentlemen and ladies; our venerated mat denizens, if you will. If you are over 35, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re…


ETC Denver May, 2019 Newsletter

What’s new in Denver? The Denver academy is introducing a Jiu Jitsu Enrichment Program! What does this mean? For newer members that are 1-stripe to 4-stripe white belts, the Denver academy is offering FREE group private lessons in 8-week modules. Interested students will be assigned…


Jason Rau Delivers Again

Jason Rau Delivers Again Another Illuminating Seminar at ETC Denver 1/5/2019, by Nick Mavrick Knowing Your Lineage Picture your favorite training partner, your favorite teammate. Is this someone whom you have called “brother” or “sister?” I have many. They are all my brothers. They are…