High Altitude Martial Arts

High Altitude Martial Arts is the Aurora academy in the Easton Training Center family of facilities. With a full staff of experienced instructors, and classes for students of every level, this is your premier destination for martial arts training in Aurora!

Whether you are interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Kids’ classes, or Fitness, we have a class that will suit your needs. We know that it can be difficult to balance work, family, and working out, so our extensive schedule gives you many options for training.

Tell us about your martial arts goals. Do you want to learn to defend yourself? Are you looking for stress relief in a new form of exercise? Interested in becoming a fighter? Or just ready to get in awesome shape? Whatever your goals are, we are excited to help you get there!

High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora


2832 S. Havana Street
Unit ZZ
Aurora, CO 80014