About Our Classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art known mainly for groundwork and submissions.  The Gracie family of martial artists developed modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and changed martial arts as we know it. Though BJJ is a relatively young discipline compared to many other types of martial arts, it has matured rapidly. Like Bruce Lee and Jigoro Kano, the Gracies were pioneers in that they refused to cling to old forms for the sake of tradition. This progressive, functionalist attitude allowed BJJ the breathing room and freedom necessary to evolve into an effective art. The Gracies’ paradigmatic shift of vision allowed BJJ in just seventy years to surpass five-thousand-year-old arts in its pure functionality.


This evolution continues today on the mats at Easton Training Center, where we strive to maintain the values inherited from thousands of years of tradition while emphasizing constant progress and innovation.


Fundamentals classes are an introduction to the most important building blocks of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is not necessary for a student to have any prior experience to participate. Though it is a class appropriate for beginners, more advanced students are also strongly encouraged to attend in order to refine their skills and to help teach the less experienced students.


Intermediate classes are available only to students who have achieved the minimum rank of two-stripe white belt, and are experienced enough to take their training to the next level. The intensity of these intermediate classes takes a step up, as does the complexity of movement. The students in the Intermediate program have been through much of the Fundamental program, and have a basic understanding of their options from all the major positions.


This is our highest level of training. These classes are intensively technical, and students are required to have a minimum rank of four-stripe white belt in order to attend. Each class begins with a technique portion, followed by live training.


Randori or “free sparring” is available to two-stripe white belts and above. This is where the fun really begins! The training wheels are taken off, and the students are able to drill and spar more freely. By the time students have reached this level, they should have developed great control so as not to jeopardize themselves or other students.  The emphasis here is not only on the individual, but also on bringing up the level of training for the whole team. All students must have the ability to create a positive training environment with anyone on the mat, big or small, young or old.


Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand, and uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Muay Thai is referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, and feet–thus using eight points of contact, as opposed to two points (fists) in boxing and four points (hands and feet) used in other combat sports. The variety of striking techniques, in addition to good physical preparation make Muay Thai fighters very efficient in a full-contact fight.


Our striking program has class options for every experience level, from people who have never thrown a punch before, to advanced students who take on amateur fights.


Kickboxing Level 1

The Kickboxing Level 1 classes are designed specifically for students new to our striking program. These classes are structured around a rotating, 8-week curriculum that covers the foundations of kickboxing and Muay Thai. In the Level 1 classes, students will be covering footwork and stance drills, basic partner drills, such as learning how to throw combinations, and bag work. Emphasizing proper form, this class will help you to build aerobic and muscular endurance, while improving your balance and coordination. Although this is the introductory level class, it is great for all levels of experience! You will see everyone from day-one students to experienced fighters taking these classes. You can never be too good at the basics!

Kickboxing Level 2

The Kickboxing Level 2 classes are the next progression in the Easton Striking System, and is open to students holding the rank of Yellow shirt or higher. This class addresses the same weekly technique focus as Level 1. The bag work in this class will include more comprehensive combinations, such as incorporating offense, defense, and counters into a combination. In the Level 2 classes, students will also slowly be exposed to more partner work, such as learning how to properly hold focus mitts for a partner.

Introduction to Muay Thai

The Intro to Muay Thai class will be the first step into Easton’s Muay Thai program, and is open to students with the rank of Yellow shirt or higher. In this class, the focus will almost exclusively be learning how to become a good drilling partner, a great pad holder for your partners, and how to hit and react to a pad holder. Learning how to be a good pad holder is a crucial step to your Muay Thai training, as a large part of your training will be spent hitting pads or holding for your partner. Another focus of this class will be learning basic defense in partner drilling, such as defending punches and kicks safely and effectively.

Intermediate Muay Thai

Students must have a Muay Thai membership and the rank of Orange Shirt or higher in order to attend Intermediate Muay Thai classes at Easton. These classes are designed for students to start learning how to work “freestyle pads” with partners and how to use visual instead of verbal commands.  This class will also introduce live drilling with partners in a controlled and relaxed atmosphere. These drills, which are the key step between hitting pads and sparring, will allow students to build offensive, defensive and counter reactions while not be worried about getting hit hard. These drills are crucial to learn in order to begin sparring live with training partners.

Muay Thai Advanced

Students must hold the rank of Green Shirt or higher in order to attend Advanced Muay Thai classes. This class will be focused on freestyle pad work, clinch work, and sparring drills. These classes will be a great opportunity to hone all skills at a higher pace and work with the most experienced students.

Muay Thai Mixed-Level

Students must hold the rank of Orange shirt or higher to attend this class. The Muay Thai Mixed-Level classes are simply a combination of intermediate and advanced students. These classes allow students to train together and work with a variety of training partners. These classes are a great opportunity for newer students to learn more advanced techniques and train with more experienced partners. On the flip side, these classes are great for experienced students to help out and work on properly teaching newer students.


Students must hold the rank of Green shirt or higher to spar. The sparring classes will be the time to apply everything you have learned in a live, but controlled, situation. The sparring will always be supervised by at least one instructor, and students will be required to have full sparring gear to participate. Sparring at Easton is designed for both partners to work and get better during these live rounds, not to try to beat your partner every time! We want our students to feel as safe as they can in a controlled sparring environment.


CrossFit is a multi-dimensional workout system that aims to forge a broad foundation of fitness—conditioning students for physical activity in every capacity. CrossFit training builds strength, endurance, explosive power, and functional movement skills for everyday life. It’s a great way not only to start your fitness journey, but also to cross-train for your already active lifestyle, and improve performance in your favorite sports.

On Ramp

The On Ramp is our foundational CrossFit program; this is how you get started!  In this series of three introductory classes you’ll learn the basic movements that make up a WOD. We offer On Ramp classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:00 AM and 6:30 PM. You’ll need to complete one class on each of these days, morning or evening, to finish the On ramp. If you’re unable to fit the regularly scheduled classes into your week, our coaches also offer private lessons to get you through the On Ramp at your convenience.

Once you’ve completed the On Ramp classes, you’re ready for the WOD!

CrossFit WOD

Our CrossFit Workout Of the Day (WOD) is programmed exclusively for CrossFit ETB members by head coach Park Roberts. All CrossFit WOD classes in a given day will be the same workout, and the makeup of this workout changes every day to emphasize different skills. All WODs are appropriate for students of all levels, as long as they’ve completed the On Ramp. Coaches will go over options for scaling movements to make the class appropriately challenging for all participants.


At Easton Training Center we offer kids’ martial arts classes in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.  The kids’ program is a great way for kids to stay active, make friends, and have fun, all while learning practical self-defense skills. Our staff of dedicated coaches emphasizes the development not only of martial arts techniques, but also of martial arts values, encouraging students to exercise a hard work ethic, a positive attitude, and respectful treatment of others, both in and out of the academy.

Classes are separated by martial art discipline, age, and experience level.

Little Tigers – Ages 4-6

This class introduces our youngest students to age-appropriate athletic and social skills. Kids will learn the foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through drills and games, laying the groundwork for further martial arts training and an active lifestyle.

Tigers – Ages 7-12

Older kids can learn about the fundamental and advanced elements of Jiu Jitsu, building a solid foundation for their practice. These classes involve technique drills, games, and live training. We have two Tigers classes, which are separated by age group–one for 7-9 year olds, and another for 10-12 year olds. Within these classes, students are also separated by experience.

Teens – Ages 13-17 with instructor permission

This twice weekly class is separated into two groups by experience level. Students who have been through the Tigers program can address more advanced topics and techniques, while students who are newer to Jiu Jitsu build a solid foundation with other kids who are close in size and age. The class is an hour and a half long, with technique and drilling for the first part, and live training and application in the second part.

Muay Thai Tigers – Ages 5-14

Kids’ Muay Thai classes are split up by age group and experience level. Students will learn the fundamental punches, kicks, knees, and elbows that make up the foundation of Thai-style kickboxing. Younger kids practice these techniques by shadow boxing and using heavy bags. Older, more experienced kids begin to learn partner work, mitt drills, and very light touch sparring without head contact.